About Us

Our passion for pizzas started at home. Having three boys, meal times rarely captured their imagination until we developed pizza nights. Stretchable dough and gooey cheese became the Friday night norm. The boys developed wild toppings including burgers, chips, pasta and Marmite! Whilst the boys made more absurd creations, we began to experiment with some home favourites including duck, jerk chicken and apple pie! Friends and family loved them.

The rest, as they, say, is history.

We have now been providing Wood Fired Pizza from our mobile pizza trailer for 7 years serving up over 15000 pizzas throughout the South East of England including Mobile Pizza Hire in Kent, Mobile Pizza Hire in Essex, Mobile Pizza Hire in Surrey and Mobile Pizza Hire in Sussex.

The core of our business is private catering including pizzas for festivals, pizzas for celebrations and pizzas for corporate events.

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